One-Of-A-Kind Irregular Manga

One-Of-A-Kind Irregular
  • 4.7
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    One in Seven Billion Irregulars ; Irregular of 1 in 7 Billion ; 1 in 7 Billion Irregular ; 70억분의 1의 이레귤러 ; 1 из 7 миллиардов нерегулярных ; One of a Kind Irregular ; 70-eokbunui 1-ui Irregular ; One-of-a-Kind Irregular

  • Author(s)

    Lucky Nine (럭키나인) Randel (란델)

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  • Genre(s)

    Action - Adventure - Drama - Fantasy

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Joo SeungHo wasn’t able to play Virtual Reality games due to having ‘Hyper-Immersion Syndrome’, which amplified his senses.But one day, a silver lining appeared for him—the 4th generation VRS machine!He was overjoyed when he was finally able to experience virtual reality.While playing ‘Lost Sky Online’, he realized that ‘Hyper-Immersion Syndrome’ might have been a curse before but now is a blessing.It’s time for him to become not his normal self but an entirely new person.

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